Being a part of the community is essential to being successful in business.

I am always happy to support people and groups who are active in their local communities. I am proud of their commitment to make a difference and am always looking for ways to celebrate their contributions.

Every day, one of my goals is to make a more meaningful connection with the community in which I do business. I've played an active role on both sides of community partnerships and understand that focused corporate community investment can be good for the community and my business.

I support a few local organizations by donating a part of every commission towards their cause:

IMPACT Youth Substance Use Services -

          - Advocating for and working with youth and families affected by substance use.

Abbotsford Community Foundation -

          - Annual donation to graduates of Yale and/or Bateman Secondary Schools

Casa de Luz -

          - "Casa de Luz, "House of Light," is a Children's Center and Community Center located in Primo Tapia, Baja California, Mexico. This center is a partnership between the local La Hermosa Church and the Abbotsford Vineyard. Casa de Luz is a transitional home for children that will provide meals and care for children during the day, help with school work, and offer practical, emotional and spiritual support for families. This project will help families remove their children from full-time orphanages due to economic hardship and will enableother families to keep their children at home, rather than placing them in full time orphanage care."

I also have enjoyed volunteering with Operation Red Nose in 2011. Not to mention using their service once each December! :)


Launchmens Basketball Team - 2nd Place 2013!